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Faraday Motion Lightspeed 6364S 63mm Motor

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Faraday Motion Lightspeed 6364S 63mm motor, the ultimate electric vehicle motor

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This is the latest release of our ultimate light electric vehicle motor. It includes all the learnings we have done the past 2 years to make the best motor for personal electric vehicles.

The Faraday Motion brushless motor with built-in sensors is the golden standard for the Faraday Motion Spine and the Hyperboard. With a 63mm diameter it is very powerful, efficient and stays cool in almost any condition.


  • 63mm diameter 
  • 64mm length 
  • 10mm shaft
  • 190kv
  • Shaft keyway 12mm x 3mm (for pulley)
  • 8cm sensor cable
  • 8cm cables
  • Good quality ball bearings
  • Silicone Cables
  • Up to 12S LiPo/LiIo 
  • Built in sensors
  • Up to 2800w power
  • Green/black/green color

To get a your vehicle up and running fast and on a proven foundation, we recommend you to run our software Pacer: http://forum.faradaymotion.com/d/19-what-is-pacer

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Motor configuration for the VESC tool

Download (4.44k)


Motor configuration for the VESC tool

Download (4.44k)

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