Control Brushless Motors

Buy VESC motor controller. Use VESC for control brushless motors. BLDC is a tool to program VESC. The VESC instructions and tutorials are widely spread over the internet.

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We are shipping the VESC motor controllers from Europe all over the world. Get your units shipped fast and cheaply within the European Union and to United States.

UPDATE 17 January 2017: We've posted a coupon code on our social media for discounts.

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UPDATE 5 Dec 2016: We have 50 VESC controllers in stock.

VESC – DIY Electric Skateboards

We are using the VESC motor controllers to build 3D printed electric skateboards. The motor controller is the best quality ESC module you can get your hands on.

With the VESC ESC you can power your brushless motors with 8V – 60V using 3S-12S LiPo batteries.

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The VESC motor controller can be configured with the open source BLDC tool. The tool lets you use and configure all the motor controller features. Configure brushless motors to run in sensor or sensorless filed oriented control (FOC) mode.

The ESC unit monitors the driving speed, battery level, travelled distance and more.

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