The story of Faraday Motion started in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, as the vision to establish a platform for the future of urban transportation began to take shape. Being a software engineer by trade and lifelong tinkerer, Sune Pedersen was used to create digital solutions from ground up, and after getting an injury that limited his mobility, he was further motivated.

Faraday motion was founded to enable makers of all sizes and skill levels to create personal electric vehicles that suit their own unique needs and taste. Soon enough the first prototype was created by using 3D Printing and electronics to hack a normal skateboard into what then became the most advanced electric skateboard in the world.

Open-Source Platform

We are open-source and our technology is released under CC License – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International and the software is released under GPLv2. We encourage all everyone who has an interest in 3D Printing, Electronics of Electric Vehicles of any kind to download, tweak and share our technology and designs.   The Faraday Motion community resides primarily in the Faraday Forums, where electric vehicle makers of all sorts interact, inspire each other and find solutions to whatever issues might occur. For us, open-source and community driven innovation is the only way forward. Let’s join forces and create truly amazing vehicles together!