May 30, 2017 Constantin Colac

Monthly Updates (May): The New Hyperboard Prototype


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Alright guys, this time I am really late with the monthly update. However, as you can see from the image above, I have many things to showcase and talk about.

In this update I will tell you guys how the development of the new Hyperboard is going (juicy info). I will explain how come Steve Wozniak ‘photobombed’ the Hyperboard. There’s also something cool I want to share with you in terms of software, it’s called Pacer. I will also tell you about Robin, who’s modifying his Spine in a pretty badass way. Let’s dig in.

Just to make your curiosity suffer a bit more, I will start of by announcing some cities where you will be able to meet us during the next two months.

1. Meet Us at Conferences and Events

We will be participating at quite a few events this summer. Take a look at our schedule to find out where you can meet us.

June 2017
IoT Tech Expo: June 1st-2nd (Berlin)

Pioneers Festival:  June 1st (Vienna)

Movin On:  June 13th – 15th (Montreal)

Corporate Venturing Forum: June 29th (Berlin)

July 2017

ConCarExpo: July 5th-6th (Berlin)

Tech Open Air: July 12-14th (Berlin)

Feel free to come by and check out our booth and test track (if there is one).


2. Pacer – A new thingy dingy for developing lightweight electric vehicles


As some of you know I was working on refactoring our Arduino code that is running on our current Spines and Hyperboards. Well besides the fact that I have refactored Sune’s code, I started developing something I call Pacer.

Just as the tag line says it, Pacer is a framework that enables makers and manufacturers to build and/or prototype lightweight electric vehicles with out of the box functionality.

In it’s first version Pacer will support several wireless connections: Wi-fi, BlueTooth and RF24. It will support two controller types: smart phone (iOS & Android) and a Faraday Motion designed controller that will communicate through the nRF24 transceivers. I also implemented Websockets communication.

Pacer will come with out of the box two way communication between the vehicle and the controller and/or the phone or computer. We already are talking to the motor controller and are getting information about the motors and battery.


The coolest part is that all of this functionality is still fitting on the NodeMCU ESP8266 that we have. This means good news for the Spine owners. You will be able to upgrade once we finish the thorough tests.

The plan is to port Pacer to ESP32 as that one has built in BlueTooth among other benefits over ESP8266.

I am still working on the source code but soon I will be publishing it on GitHub so the developers among you can check it out and maybe even contribute.

Hope this excites you as much as me :).

You can read more detailed and updated information here and here.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mentioned that the new Hyperboard will be running Pacer.


3. The Hyperboard Development

I bet quite a few of you readers scrolled down here to see the latests Hyperboard. Well here you have it the very first prototype of the new Hyperboard.

Enjoy our brief build log of the Hyperboard.


Note: We upload development updates on our forum more often then on social media or the blog. Make sure to follow the Hyperboard development thread.

3. Robin is upgrading his Spine!

Yep, Robin from Finland has embarked on a mission to upgrade his Spine. I will just tease you with one picture here and let you follow his build thread on our forum:


4. Oh yeah, Steve Wozniak…

So I guess some of you are curious how we got the chance to showcase the Hyperboard to Steve Wozniak. It all happened at the Berlin CUBE Tech Fair earlier this month. He was invited to speak at the conference and as he always does, he requested to meet several cool startups that were participating.

It was a great pleasure for us to be among the selected. We’ve spent about 30 minutes in small Q&A session with Steve and got to pick his brain.

Disclaimer: Steve Wozniak in no way has endorsed or promoted the new Hyperboard. But he did say that it looks interesting 🙂




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